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Lab Director

Lauren Human, PhDLaurenWebsite

Canada Research Chair in Social Perception and Expression
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology, McGill University

Lab email: human-lab[at]

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Graduate Students

Lauren Gazzard

The general approach to my research involves the consequences of accurate social perceptions. Specifically, I am interested in the perceptions we make in romantic relationships and how they influence relationship quality, outcome and overall well-being. I am also interested in teamwork and how perceptions of team members and the associated dynamics influence psychological well-being, and academic/career achievements.

Jennifer Heyman

The goal of my research is to see how technology affects social interactions. Specifically, I am looking at how the presence of mobile devices affects in-person interactions and how communicating via different technological mediums affects relationship initiation and development.


Marie-Catherine Mignault

Who are the good judges of others’ personalities?In my research, I seek to understand the mechanisms that promote accuracy of social perception. Specifically, I investigate how psychological, social, and biological characteristics influence how accurately we see others, and are seen by others. I look at these questions in the context of first impressions and romantic relationships.

Undergraduate Students

Honours students

Hasagani Tissera

I’m a third year student at McGill University completing an honors psychology degree. I am currently completing my year-long hasagani-photosenior honors project in the Social Interaction and Perception Lab. I will be working with Lauren Gazzard on looking at social consequences of accurate first impressions in romantic settings. Post-graduation, I hope to enter an experimental psychology graduate program where I would also like to continue doing research in the field of interpersonal relationships.

Charlene Zhang

I am a U3 Honours Psychology student, minoring in Mancharlene-photoagement. I conducted my first Honours thesis under the supervision of Dr. Debbie S. Moskowitz, investigating the effects of agreeableness on job outcomes, in interaction with perceived social support and workplace stress. My main field of interest is Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I am currently working with Dr. Lauren Human’s graduate student Lauren Gazzard to examine group functioning in cross-disciplinary team programs.


Cleo Bertrand

Emma Cocatre-Zilgien

Grace Gao

Jamie Borenstein-Laurie

Judy Fung

Joao Vitor Paes de Mello de Camargo


Simone Chad-Friedman – Research Project

Mary-Elizabeth Power – Volunteer

Jishian Ravinthiran – Research Project

Sierra Skoropada – Honours Student

Annabelle Cournoyer – Volunteer

Eugenia Wilson – Volunteer

Lia Elbaz – Honours Student