Social Consequences of First Impressions – Zoom


You will be asked to complete an initial online questionnaire and then have brief conversations with up to 8 other participants over Zoom, making ratings of your interaction partners, self, and conversation afterwards.


This multi-part study is examining whether first impressions predict social outcomes. First, you will be asked to fill out an online initial questionnaire about your personality, relationships, and well-being, which takes roughly 30 minutes. Second, you will attend a Zoom session where you will be asked to have brief conversations with up to 8 other participants and provide ratings about each other, which takes roughly 90 minutes. Third, if you consent, you will be emailed one optional 20-minute follow-up questionnaire one month after the study session. You will be compensated with $10 for participating in the online follow-up questionnaire.

You will also be asked to provide, with their permission, contact information (e.g., email addresses) of three people who know you well, so they can fill out a brief questionnaire about you online.

You must use a computer with a webcam and microphone to complete this study.

When selecting your timeslot, please keep in mind that you must complete the initial questionnaire prior to this time. Please do not sign up for a timeslot with someone you know as this is a study on first impressions.


All individuals aged 18 or older and seeking course credit are eligible to participate. All individuals must be a registered UBC Okanagan student and must sign up through SONA.

If you are interested in participating, please sign into SONA and find the Social Consequences of First Impressions – Zoom to sign up for this study.

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